Classics Drill Team Tryouts

Place: Room 1990

Tryout Fee: $10


Dear Dance Team Hopeful,                                                                              


Thank you for showing interest in becoming a part of the Classics Dance Team for Cypress Ranch High School.  Being a part of a dance/drill team allows you so many wonderful growth and leadership opportunities for your school and your community.


Members of the Cypress Ranch Classics Dance Team will attend camp, practice and scheduled meetings.  Dancers will also have numerous performance opportunities for both the school and the community.  Please realize though, that drill team is a full year commitment and members will be expected to maintain excellence in academics, while at the same time balance the demands of an extra curricular activity.  Membership will also allow you to meet new friends and represent your school all at the same time.


Dancers on this team will be setting the standard for the dance program at Cypress Ranch. The Classics at Cypress Ranch seeks positive, energetic young ladies who are responsible, hard working and ready for participation in school activities.  Please see below for important dates and information.  Please do not encourage your daughter to try out without seriously thinking about this decision and knowing that your family is ready to make at least a full one-year commitment to this organization.  I encourage you to take the time with your daughter to read over all the following information.  Be sure she is emotionally prepared for the outcome of tryouts, whatever that might be.


TIME:  Your family schedules will sometimes have to be adjusted to accommodate your daughter's commitments on the team.  This is a team activity, so each girl must be present for a rehearsal, performance or event.  To begin - if one girl is late, the rest of the team is left waiting.  Parents will also be asked to give their time to work at fundraising activities and perhaps most importantly, to attend as many of your daughter's performances as possible.  A prospective member needs to be aware that planned social events, work, or other extra-curricular activities will possibly have to be missed or interrupted because of a member's obligations to practice and performances. 


MONEY:  Every effort is made to keep expenses reasonable, but there are considerable costs associated with any dance team.   Enclosed is a sample of the expected costs and payment schedule for Classics. The first year on Classics will always be the most expensive. In an effort to ease the individual financial burden, the Cypress Ranch Classics Parent Club participates in fund raising to help defray in team expenses.  Each Classic is responsible for keeping her balance current and meeting ALL Booster Club fundraising goals.  Each girl and her family must support these events by giving their time, talents, and encouraging friends to attend because each family directly benefits. *NO REFUNDS!  If a member at any time quits the balance must be paid in order to be released from the class. 


EMOTIONAL INVOLVEMENT: Each girl will have her triumphs and disappointments throughout the year, and the love and support of her family will be important.  Celebrate her triumphs--she worked hard to earn them.  Console her during her disappointments but remember that learning to deal with frustration and pressure is part of her maturation process.  Your positive attitude will influence your daughter's reactions to her experience.  You and your daughter should always address your concerns and suggestions to the director.  As with any organization we must learn to follow the chain of commands with any concerns.  Many problems arise from simple misunderstandings, and there are always improvements to be made, so communication is the only way to find solutions.


DIRECTOR ROLE: Each girl and parent need to recognize the authority of the directors.  The directors have the obligation and right to make or change any decisions dealing with the team.  Final say so regarding team rules and conduct, dances (participation, styles, costumes, etc.), community events, etc. is reserved for the director.  Again, if you have any concerns over the decisions that are made for the betterment of the team address them with Ms. Dunn or Ms. Thayer first. 


If, as a prospective member or parent, you have any concerns with these concepts or rules they need to be discussed with the director and supervising principal, Mrs. Roth, before tryouts!  The best reward for a team member is the development of self-confidence and pride.  This is a great discovery, and our organization will nurture each girl into a well-rounded person who is responsible, self-disciplined and proud.  By working with the other girls, she also learns that it is important to work with people and not against them.


We would like to wish each hopeful the best of luck.


Thank you for your cooperation with this process and we look forward to meeting you soon.







Sandi Dunn and Kara Thayer

CRHS Classics’ Dance Team Directors




Registrations is open to current Cy-Ranch High School students in grades 9th – 11th.


Registration is online only.  Once you register online, you will receive a confirmation email with a form to fill out.  You need to attached a 4” x 6” photo of yourself and a copy of your 2nd grading period report card. Turn in the form with attachments to Ms. Dunn or Ms. Thayer on March 2nd, when you come to the clinic. Online Registration deadline date of March 1st, 2020.


No late entries will be accepted.

To Register, Please Click Here!